The club was born literally from the streets of western suburbs. We had a mad dream for a single fan club in the west side of Athens.

We are in the summer of 2006. It was the year that Gate-13 fan clubs, had the same mentality and opinions about the overall ultras condition in PAO. So it was a fact that there was a need for better organization between us.

In the west suburbs, there was two clubs from the old core of "Athens Fans", Peristeri and Chaidari (West-Club). Also there were two other clubs, which had been created after a union. "Petroupoli-Nea Liosia" and "Kamatero-Menidi". Then, the cooperation of those fan clubs, was in a very good level. Massive support in matches and many actions on the streets. So starts a new period unforgettable to all of us with many riots. After these events, we created a group from the members of Peristeri and Petroupoli-Nea Liosia. So we started discussions about a single fan club. It was practically something very difficult, because we had to close 2 fan clubs, to open a new one.

There were discussions and meetings with several objections to the difficulties that we would have found ahead of us. But the new generation of the supporters in the west suburbs, had a very good mentality. The people who was at the front-line, was young and they risked their personal life for that. The decision was about a new club, with its own symbol, in new spot, which will not forget the history of previous.
On 11 January 2007 became the first trip as "West Block" in Rome for a basketball game. Despite all the difficulties, the club remained open until March 2007. After the incidents in Paiania and the murder of Michalis Filopoulos, the club closed for 1,5 year.

Back to 2008, the response was very high and at the first operating year, we had more than 460 members. At that time there was again great action at the matches and battles on the streets, to support our symbols and colors.
Our way of life is Panathinaikos and we are trying to stand and support him in each stadium, each curva, on all sports, with each risk and bans. Our positions and our views are displayed either with message banners, either by announcements, either from the official site. We never managed other social pages or other networking profiles, which have really harm the mentality of supporters.
This year we celebrate the first 10 years of West Block and the 50 years of Gate-13 by establishing.